Carvedilol Tab 6.25mg (BETADOL)


Used in the management of hypertension, angina pectoris and heart failure.
Dosage and Administration:
In hypertension carvedilol is given in an initial dose of 12.5mg oce daily by mouth, increased after two days to 25mg once daily. Alternatively, an initial dose of 6.25mg is given twice daily, increased after one to two weeks to 12.5mg once daily. The dose may be increased further, if necessary, at intervals of at least two weeks, to 50mg oce daily or in divided doses. A dose of 12.5mg once daily may be adequate for elderly patients. In angina pectoris, an initial dose of 12.5mg is given twice daily by mouth, increased after two days to 25mg twice daily. In heart failure 3.125mg is given by mouth twice daily for two weeks. The dose may be the nincreased, if tolerated, to 6.25mg twice daily. The dosage should be increased as tolerated at intervals of at least two weeks to a maximum recommended dose of 25mg twice daily for patients weighing less than 85kg or 50mg twice daily for patients weighing more than 85kg.

Carvedilol is not recommended in patients with hepatic dysfunction. Acute renal failure and renal abnormalities have been reported in patients with heart failure who also suffered from diffuse vascular disease and/or renal impairment.
Side Effects:
Skin rash, pruritus, and reversible alopecia have occurred with use of beta blockers. Other adverse effects reported include alupus-like syndrome, male impotence, selerosing peritonitis, and retroperitoneal fibrosis.

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